Fine art can only be defined as exclusive, negative, absolute, and timeless.
- Ad Reinhardt, "Twelve Rules for a New Academy," 1957


Inept imitations of the external world and frivolous corruptions of true thought and feeling - "artistic expression" is essentially a hollow endeavor.

At best, "art" is a naive attempt by an "artist" to confine transitory experience or reverie to material dimensions; a porous vessel plying the tepid waters between vague evocation and blunt sentimentality, ferrying those who are all too easily entertained from the shores of their idle, unfulfilled lives, to an ephemeral island of distraction and delusion.

More often, however, "art" is merely a degrading exchange of worthless pretension for abject attention. A sycophantic symbiosis of mutual false-validation in which the pandering "artist" attempts to procure wealth and/or accolades from an audience hoping in turn to osmose from the "art" whichever perceived attributes fuel their artificial sense of superiority over those not yet consumed by their "scene".

To this end, wherever such "scenists" conduct their sordid trade - wherever one finds the desperate, the lonesome, the insecure; obsessive collectors, hopeless romantics, and dreamers of all kinds - you will also find those willing to exploit them for monetary gain.

CassatioTM is just such an enterprise.


CassatioTM (a subsidiary of The EVC Company®) has developed a long term business plan centred around the production and distribution of audio-based "artwork" for profit.

Cash intake will be maximized through a combination of minimal, low-quality packaging and extremely small production runs geared towards our target consumers' affinity for "rawness" and scarcity, as well as to like-minded entrepreneurs seeking sound investment opportunities.

Initial progress is projected to be slow as CassatioTM gradually attains what is known among our customer base as "kvlt status" [sic]. Early releases will be primarily of trusted colleagues and lesser-known ingénues. Once "kvlt status" is attained we will inevitably attract "artists" held in higher esteem by the dilettantes and pseudo-academics who purport to comprehend their "artform", and thus attract further profit.

All sales proceeds will be directly invested into the lining of our own pockets with zero regard for the interests or well-being of our customers or contributing "artists". However, we will continually strive to be current and adaptable so as to capitalize on whatever trend is most fashionable among the gullible masses at the time.


All prices are shown in Canadian dollars and include the cost of shipping. US dollars and Euros will be taken at par (ie: $6 USD for $6 CAD) if this is found to be more convenient for a particular customer - provided that Canadian dollars are currently less valuable in exchange rate. All prices are subject to change (increase) in relation to availability, current interest rates, and other economic factors.

Payments can be made online by account transfer or credit card with PayPal. We also accept cash or cheques by mail at your own risk. To complete a mail order print and fill-out this order form and then contact us for our mailing address.

Absolutely no trades will be considered and no promotional copies will be given away. Not even the "artists" themselves will receive any copies unless they are willing to pay for them.

"Artists" looking to be exploited by us must submit all audio material in CD-quality (44100 16-bit stereo) .WAV format. Additionally, all cover designs must adhere to our strict aesthetic guidelines of a single black image centred on a white background (for examples see our "releases" section). Again, contact us for further details.

No refunds ever.

- Vic Ravines
Chief Consumer Relations Officer, 2003